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Why Choose ThermoClear USA Skin Treatment System



ThermoClear USA has the latest in skin treatment system technology, utilizing both low radio frequency (LRF) and high radio frequency (HRF).  ThermoClear removes imperfections rapidly without any down time and minimal pain.

Lifetime Warranty

Where is the machine manufactured?
All ThermoClear skin treatment system equipment is manufactured in the USA.

What is the warranty on ThermoClear high radio frequency and low radio frequency units?
Typically similar machines come with a 1-5 year warranty. All of the ThermoClear machines have a lifetime warranty.

Do you have financing or leasing options?
Yes! We offer various financing options that start as low as $200 per month. You can buy your machine  at the end of your leasing term for only 1 penny.

Do you have references?
Yes, we can provide worldwide references. We will send you a list of doctors and estheticians that use our machines in their facility.

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