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Make Waxing Treatments More Profitable!

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When the calendar turns from April to May, everyone instantly begins thinking of summer. The warmer temperature is the first thing your customers will notice.  Car windows are open, jackets are left at home and some folks even break out the shorts! 

Along with all of those telltale signs, clients are also thinking about their plans for warmer weather.  Pool parties, boating adventures and laying by the beach are just a few on their minds.  These upcoming activities require a swimsuit, which leads them to realize they need the inevitable waxing appointment. 

Summer Time Prep Waxing

Bikini wax, leg wax, back wax – these are 3 of the most popular summer time prep waxing services.  Your male clients will be getting ready for the summer by getting a back wax.  You probably already have a list of women who you know will be in for bikini or Brazilian too! 

Turn Waxing Into Additional Revenue

Your clients trust you to work on their skin.  They trust you to perform, what can be a slightly painful waxing treatment.  You can build that trust with them by helping them treat imperfections that you discover while you’re waxing. 

Treat Top 5 Imperfections Right After The Wax

During the waxing treatment if you see any of the Top 5 Skin Imperfections that ThermoClear can treat.  Take a few seconds to explain to your client that you can treat the imperfection in just 15 minutes.  Explain how easy it is, and that it’s virtually painless.  You can even let them know that the wax probably was more uncomfortable than a Thermoclear treatment.  Let them know that you can do it right after a wax.

Add Up The Extra Revenue    

If you charge $150 for a Thermoclear treatment and are able to help just 1 client per day to be rid of:

  • Dark Spots / Age Spots
  • Cherry Angiomas
  • Sebaceous Hyperplasia
  • Spider Capillaries
  • Skin Tags

you can earn an additional $750 per week.  That can total an additional $3000 per month.  This is just by helping your existing clients to eliminate skin imperfections that you find during a waxing treatment. 

Clients will appreciate the help!  They will be grateful that you took the time to help them.  You will build your relationship with your client and earn some extra cash at the same time.