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Healing Help After ThermoClear

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It’s a fact that many clients have tiny little “skin irregularities”. It’s also a fact that many clients have no idea what they’re looking at on their own skin. They just know when they look in the mirror they want to see some sort of change to their skin, which is why they’re in a skincare treatment room. 

Client’s Don’t Know Skin Terms

Clients will just assume they have “bad skin”.  They’ll notice they’re skin doesn’t “look good”, but honestly they’ll have no idea what’s going on with it or have any remote idea as to how to take care of their skin. Many clients just assume they have “sensitive skin” or “acne”.  Those are the two biggest “buzz” words when there’s something wrong with a person’s skin. 

Your clients won’t know the names the most common skin irregularities, in fact, if they ask about them, they’ll most likely use terms such as bump, lump, tiny pimple or a liver spot. 

Words such as:

Sebaceous Hyperplasia


Cherry Angiomas


These terms aren’t common words that the everyday consumer uses to describe skin issues. 

Address Irregularities As Fact

Regardless, if a client points out the irregularities to you or not, you can address the irregularities as part of the client’s skin analysis.  You can address the irregularities with your clients in the same manner that you would explain a texture issue, a hydration issue or a laxity issue.  It’s just important that you present your findings in a respectful and professional manner. 

In order to insure that you’re giving your client the best treatment and to insure that you’re building trust with them, it’s vital to explain what the ThermoClear treatment is and how it impacts the skin. The most important part of your communication is going to be explaining after care.

Manage Post Treatment Expectations

The ThermoClear device will create a small dark spot on the skin, that we call a lesion.  This is going to be something the client notices!  You can be 100% sure of that.  They will assume there is something wrong when they see a “brown spot” that you created with the device.  Your job is to help them understand what they see.  Explain that this “brown spot” is perfectly normal and will slough off in a few days, revealing a slightly pink spot.  Also explain that the pink spot is going to be a little sensitive. 

Hale & Hush For After Care

Offering them aftercare with product recommendations AND a list of products to avoid is important.  We see Hale and Hush as an ideal recommendation for post ThermoClear treatments.  Hale and Hush is for sensitive skin.  ThermoClear recommends that clients not use much product after the treatment so it can heal naturally. 

ThermoClear is designed to be used on all skin types, while Hale & Hush was designed for sensitive skin; it’s ideal for post ThermoClear treatments because the line is gentle and very balanced. 

In fact, ThermoClear and Hale & Hush were a winning combination for Melissa Poley who placed with Thermoclear & Hale & hush at 2018 Skin Games

Here’s the protocol that she used in her case study. 

Hale and Hush For Post ThermoClear Treatment.

  1. Cleanse with Quiet Wash
  2. Perform ThermoClear treatment
  3. Apply 2-3 pumps Soothe Essence Serum
  4. Mix a few shakes of Relief Bio Powder Bio-Powder with Hush Hydrate Gel
  5. Apply 2-3 pumps Vital Lipid Lotion (norm/combo) or Saffron Meristem Cream (dry)
  6. Apply Broad Spectrum SPF 30

You can talk about the Hale & Hush products for home care while you’re using them in treatment.  You can instruct them to use this skin regimen until the skin lesions are healed. The products will help to heal the pink areas when the scabs fall off. 

Providing this level of information to your client is so important.  It will help them manage the post treatment expectations.  It will reduce post treatment text messages, emails and phone calls to you with questions.  It will help your client to relax and enjoy the results rather than be filled with anxiety about the lesion and pink spot.  Finally, it will forge a bond with you and your client that will establish you as an expert.  They will trust you and will only use products and treatments that you suggest.