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Deconstructing ThermoClear

Category: Treatments

Want to exfoliate a client’s skin?  
     Use a scrub, an acid or an enzyme.

Want to hydrate a client’s skin?
     Use a moisturizer or nourishing serum.

Want to brighten a client’s skin
     Use an acid or a brightening agent.

Want to correct the top 5 Skin Irregularities in 1 Session?
     Use ThermoClear.  

Want to earn upto $150 in 15 minutes in your business?
     Use ThermoClear.

Want to earn pure profit in just 6 months?
    Use ThermoClear.

What’s ThermoClear you ask?  

Only one of the most amazing devices that allows you to utilize both low radio frequency (LRF) and high radio frequency (HRF) to remove imperfections rapidly without any down time and minimal pain.

Ready To Sell, Service In A Box
More than just a device, you are purchasing a Ready To Sell Service.  Whichever form of training you choose, online, or in person, you’ll receive all of the education you need to get started.  The ThermoClear Kit is designed to help you go to business as soon as you’re confident in your ability to perform the services.  

Let’s breakdown the ThermoClear kit so you can see everything you’re going to get for your investment.  

What’s In the ThermoClear Kit

The ThermoClear Device
The device is very easy to use, with bold push button displays.  There are two models: ThermoClear and Theroclear Pro. The displays are slightly different, yet easy to use and easy to adjust.  

ThermoClear Pro

Sets how long you want the machine to work, mostly used for hair removal.

RF Output
The RF Button and two side up-and-down arrow buttons.

RF buttons lets you set the machine to a current that you want to use, and up-and-down buttons help you change the current in increments of five.

Thermo Low High
A preset setting to 150 and 250. The setting to use for different skin imperfections that you treat.

Auto And Manual
Auto Button –  the machine will work for 10 seconds from the moment the probe comes in contact with an imperfection that has conductor on it without having to use the foot pedal


Thermo Low/ Thermal High Button
This is a preset setting to 150/250. The setting to use for different skin imperfections that you treat.

High, Medium, Low Button

These three buttons are used to get to a different current setting and you also have the up-and-down arrows on the side if you need to change your current and that goes up to increments of five or down by increments of five.

An attachable pedal is included that is used to make the machine work. It’s what you’ll press to operate the system.


Hand Piece
An attachable hand piece is included.  Users will insert a fresh probe into the hand piece in order to perform each ThermoClear treatment.


You receive 100 probes in your initial kit.  Probes are disposable and cost less than a dollar per treatments in the future.

Power cord
There is a power cord included to use to provide power to the device.


Magnifying Lens Glasses
We provide a pair of magnifying glasses in each kit.  Users should wear the glasses to help the easily identify skin imperfections and treat them easily, without eye strain.


Sharps Container
Safety is a huge priority to us.  You will receive a sharps container for all of your used probes.  

Operating Manual
You’ll receive our ThermoClear Operations Manual, so you have all of the information that you need on your ThermoClear device at your fingertips!  


Your ThermoClear kit comes complete with a pack of 50 marketing brochures for you to use to promote the ThermoClear treatment to your clients!



Our goal is your complete success and we set you up for that success.  The ThermoClear kit is designed to give you everything you need to be in business.  You just open the box, set up your device, complete your training and you are ready to go!   

In addition to the ThermoClear kit we also provide ongoing support and education in our Closed Facebook Group – TheroClear & ThermoLo Users.  Feel free to join the group so you can ask questions, offer advice, show your before and afters and engage with other ThermoClear professionals.