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In today’s fast paced, stressful world, clients appreciate being able to take care of all their skin care needs at one location.

When you add the ThermoClear system to your aesthetics practice, you’re adding a great deal to the range of skin concerns you can successfully treat.

Our device helps you establish yourself as the “Go To” skin expert for all of your clients’ beauty needs!

Best of all, this is a safe, non invasive technology that can be used on mature, sensitive and all skin types/ethnicities.

Even “low maintenance” clients will appreciate being able to upgrade their regular facial appointment with a spot treatment to remove a broken capillary or milia. A dermatologist charges a lot more for this type of treatment, and your client also saves valuable time when you treat them instead.

For clients who regularly receive anti aging services such as Botox, injectables or chemical peels, a ThermoClear session is an excellent final step to address small but pesky skin issues that can affect final results, such as:



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For those active, sun loving clients who wax or sugar monthly, a flawless beach look is important. The last thing she wants is a scattering of tiny red dots (cherry angiomas) on the thighs or legs! ThermoClear easily and quickly treats these harmless spots in a single session.

A session is typically 15-30 minutes, and allows you to address a single issue or a few skin imperfections at a time.

In a short session (15 minutes, $150*), you can treat several minor skin concerns.

In a longer session (30 minutes, $300*), you can treat a larger area or several areas.

Virtually every client who walks in your door could benefit from a ThermoClear treatment!

If you perform just twenty 15 minute sessions per month (1 per office day), you’ll pay off your entire investment in just two months. Or book 40 sessions (2 per office day) and pay off your investment in under a month!

With our detailed training, lifetime warranty and low consumables cost (less than $1 per probe), ThermoClear is an exciting and lucrative addition to your skin care practice.

Suggested pricing. Pricing will vary depending on your location and clientele.